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…and we just happen to be one of the leading gold buyers in Berkeley Springs, making it convenient for Our locals to pawn gold or sell gold close to home. At Berkeley Springs Trading Post we know all gold is valuable. We buy all types and quantities of gold, no matter how big or small. Whether you have broken gold, scrap gold, dental gold, or raw gold we know there’s value in every piece and offer our customers the most cash for their valuables.

We are a gold pawn shop with unsurpassed experience in lending cash out for gold coins, gold class rings, gold jewelry, or any other type of gold. Whether your gold is 8 karat or 24 karat we’ll pay top dollar to have it. The price for gold is the highest it has been in years and now is the time to sell, if you want to get the most cash for gold. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Why Us?

  • We pay more than any other gold buyer in the area — call us with their offer and we’ll beat it.
  • We test and weigh the gold right in front of you, and we buy gold for cash on the spot.
  • At this cash for gold location you’ll experience a clean and courteous environment.
  • Receive top dollar and leave with cash in hand.
  • We’re open 5 days a week. (Open SUNDAYS) (closed wednesday and Saturdays)

Pawning Gold And Peace Of Mind

We know that pawning gold or selling gold can be uneasy if you are unaware of the buyer. Don’t trust the mail-in gold scams (selling gold online) or any buyer you are unfamiliar with–at best do your research first. Visit Berkeley Springs Trading Post, where you know you are guaranteed to get the most money in a safe and legal environment. We are a full service West Virginia Licensed Pawn Shop, which means we have the flexibility to lend you the maximum dollar amount possible. Leave a little richer and with peace of mind. If you have something sentimental that you don’t want to sell, or just want to hang onto your gold until the value rises, then getting a cash loan from Berkeley Springs Trading Post is the way to go:

  • Cash loans 15 and 30 day term
  • Interest only extensions offered
  • Secure Storage, licensed and Insured

Unsure If You Have Real Gold?

Bring it into Berkeley Springs Trading Post and we can test it for you. Best of all, we not only tell you the weight of your gold, but also the purity of it too. Gold comes in many types of purities, which is the content of gold compared to other metals. Generally, gold is found in:

  • 10 karat gold (41%)
  • 14 karat gold (58%)
  • 18 karat gold (75%)

However, gold can be as low as 8 karat (33%) gold, or as high as 24 karat (99%). The higher the purity, the more money you have in your pocket! If you would like to have your gold tested, come in today for a free purity testing.

Looking For Dental Gold Buyers?

Dental Gold Buyers WhittierYes, we do that too. Dental gold is the gold sediment that dentists use to crown, cap, or bridge teeth. The dental gold usually found in teeth can be anywhere from 10 karat gold, all the way up to 22 karat gold, and can range from very little per gold per tooth, up to a few grams of gold per tooth. Gold bridges usually even weigh more than three grams! If your having your dental gold removed don’t let the dentist keep it and sell it for themselves, bring us your gold and we’ll give you cash. If you’ve had your dental gold removed and don’t know what to do with it, bring it to your local Gold Buyer Berkeley Springs Trading Post and we’ll pay you top dollar for it.

An Informed Gold Seller = More Money In Your Pocket

If you’re unaware of the type of gold you have, start your research here and we’ll let you know exactly what you have and how much cash you can get for it. You can choose to take our offer on-the-spot or take some time to think about it. Either way we want to help you become an informed gold seller because the more you know, the happier you’ll be with your decision.

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