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If you’re looking for gold buyers, consider selling your gold to Berkeley Springs Trading Post. We’re not just jewelry buyers, we’re gold buyers, evaluating a broad spectrum of gold from jewelry to dental gold. When you’re browsing gold buyers in Berkeley Springs, consider Berkeley Springs Trading Post to get the highest value for your gold.

Buy Jewelry At Affordable Prices

Are you looking to buy jewelry but can’t afford the astronomical prices you see at the jewelry stores? Have you found an engagement ring you like but don’t want to take out a second mortgage just to buy it? If you’ve been to a jewelry store and something like this has happened to you, come to our pawn shop and see our great selection at great prices.

We Carry Gold and Silver

We sell gold and silver, precious stones, name brand watches and a variety of jewelry at 1/3 the cost of what you would find at a retail jewelry store. We guarantee every item we sell to be authentic and unaltered.

Questions or need a quote? Feel free to email us or come in and see our selection of jewelry today.

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